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Our world needs young people who can innovate, who can see challenges from multiple perspectives and who can collaborate with others to solve complex problems. Students today need a broad range of intellectual, physical, social and emotional skills to be competitive. At Glenview Elementary School, we recognize that students learn best by actively engaging in their own learning and celebrating the achievements gained through their hard work. By taking advantage of the instructional programs our school offers, our students better understand the larger, global community and how they may play a role in this world’s future. Our learning environment provides a rich foundation for our instruction and curriculum, one that invites students to examine their own progress in a collaborative nature with other students, parents and guardians, and staff.

Students thrive at Glenview because they are known well by our staff, teachers, administrators, families and peers. Our authentic relationships between teachers and students allow for great depth of exploration in an atmosphere of confidence and trust. We are committed to providing students with this kind of rigorous curriculum and dynamic teaching, aimed at preparing them for not only state tests and college or university, but for lives of meaning and purpose.

As principal, and member of Glenview’s learning community, with 15+ years of experience in the field of education as an administrator, curriculum coach and reading interventionist. I received my master’s degree at the University of Southern California and bachelor’s degree from UCLA, and am a National Board-certified teacher. I began my career in education in 1998 in my Los Angeles County hometown. I am proud to be a part of Glenview Elementary School’s Bulldog family. I invite you to visit, volunteer and support Glenview. You too will be inspired to achieve!

School Mission Statement

It is the mission of Glenview Elementary School to provide a nurturing environment supported by caring professionals to prepare critical thinkers who excel academically and are empowered to face challenges with confidence and commitment as global citizens.

School Accountability Report Card (SARC)

For more information on Glenview Elementary, please view our SARC.